2020/04/01 09:00:00


There are many wonderful conferences and summits held around the world for Parkinson’s but they can be expensive to attend and logistically challenging. INSIGHT offers you the same quality of information, speakers and networking without any of the hassle, and at a fraction of the cost.

INSIGHT brings the entire conference directly to you in your living room on ANY internet enabled device 24/7! Watch the presentations, re-visit them in your own time, join the online conversation, and visit the exhibition booths…

Here are five reasons to join us at INSIGHT next year!

  1. First three days are FREE! If you want more, you can upgrade to stream-on-demand for another 30 day access.
  2. You get 50+ World Class speakers direct to your living room
  3. All of the ticket profits go to our registered Charity Partners to support Parkinson’s research and support services globally
  4. INSIGHT is a World First event and still the largest online annual event in Parkinson’s
  5. You can connect with over 5,000 researchers, academics, clinicians and other people living with Parkinson’s from all around the world!

More about the Hosts

INSIGHT is organised and hosted by PD Warrior, a team of health professionals and passionate individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with Parkinson’s all over the world. INSIGHT was an started in 2018 and ran again in 2019. Over the first two years the event has hosted over 2000 attendees, nearly 100 speakers and raised just under AUD$50,000 for the Charity Partners! Digital health and communication is growing fast and an online conference, bringing the brightest minds together on a global platform seemed an obvious solution for the PD Warrior team!!




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