INSIGHT has become a much anticipated event on the global calendar for people living with Parkinson’s. In 2021, INSIGHT is evolving to deliver even more by partnering with TRIBE 365 – the home of Parkinson’s. Register now for access to the WORLD PARKINSON’s DAY program launch as well as continued access to new speakers each month for 12 months and much more in the TRIBE 365 global community.

INSIGHT 2021, Brave New World, offers an opportunity for people living with Parkinson’s, as well as their loved ones and associated health professionals the opportunity to hear from world leading experts, academics, specialists, clinicians and other people living with Parkinson’s in a convenient and accessible ONLINE platform. INSIGHT brings the entire conference directly to you in your living room 24/7! Watch the presentations, re-visit them in your own time, join the online conversation, and visit our partner pages…

Here are three reasons to join us at INSIGHT 2021!

  1. The launch and first month of access to the Tribe365 platform is FREE!
  2. Get your Parkinson’s questions answered with access to recorded sessions, live panels and Q&A sessions
  3. Tribe 365 membership gives you access to a global community and daily information & tips on exercise, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle 

More about the Hosts

INSIGHT is organised and hosted by PD Warrior, a team of health professionals and passionate individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with Parkinson’s all over the world. INSIGHT was started in 2018 as a world first and since then has hosted over 100 speakers and raised AUD$150,000 for their Charity Partners. Digital health and communication is growing fast and an online conference, bringing the brightest minds together on a global platform seemed an obvious solution for the PD Warrior team!! Find out more about PD Warrior and Tribe 365 here