• How does it work?

    Virtual summits are delivered like a normal conference, except that they are completely online. We have programmed three days of speaking events, with speakers scheduled within 8 separate plenary streams. Each plenary session is 90 minutes long with three presentations of 30 minutes each per session.

    There will also be two virtual Exhibition Halls that you can visit when you are not watching the broadcast program or replays. Much like a ‘real’ exhibition hall, you can interact online with the exhibition booth holders, download their content, watch additional videos here and get up to speed with what each booth holder is offering.

  • What does FREE registration give me access to?

    FREE registration ticket gives you up to three days of programmed content. You can watch this as it is delivered in the Summit program, or in your own time on demand! You will have three days, 24/7  to watch and replay the broadcasted content.

    In addition to the broadcasted content, you will also get access to the virtual Exhibition Hall and  booths, access to the LIVE PANELS and the general networking lounge!

  • What more does 30 day Premium registration give me access to?

    Premium registration gives you an additional 30 days to access the programmed content on demand, and at your leisure! This is the recommended choice as most people find the huge variety and volume of content hard to consume with the first three days of the Summit!

    In addition to the broadcasted content, you will also get access to the virtual Exhibition Hall and  booths, access to the LIVE PANELS and the general networking lounge to review the content during this time.

  • If I have registered for the FREE ticket, can I upgrade my ticket to premium access?

    Yes, you can! If you have already registered for a FREE ticket, it is not too late to upgrade to premium access. Upgrades will be available after the program goes live.

  • How do I login?

    Please go to the INSIGHT Summit website and click on the LOGIN button on the top right-hand corner. Once the SUMMIT goes live on April 1sth at 9am AEST, you will be able to enter your details and gain access to the SUMMIT broadcast

    You will only need your registered email address to access the Summit.

  • In what time zone is the program scheduled?

    The Program and Live Panels will be broadcast on Sydney, Australia time (AEST), all content will be available to view as a replay after this time for as long as your ticket access permits.

  • What is the venue address?

    The venue is your living room – or where ever you want it to be on any internet enabled device! It is hosted completely online and is mobile friendly!

  • What currency is it billed in please?

    Pricing for the Summit is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

  • Where do the profits go?

    All profits raised from the INSIGHT SUMMIT in 2021 will go to our eight nominated Charity partners. Each of these partners have been chosen for their tireless work in helping to research, support, educate and raise awareness for people living with Parkinson’s disease.

  • Can I purchase a ticket to watch with family, friends or colleagues?

    Yes! This is something we encourage! We recommend one person/organisation purchase a ticket with premium access and then go through the program to select what is of most value to the group to watch.

    You could select from presentations or live panels or a mix from the content. Our hope is of course that given the quality of the content, people will go on to purchase tickets of their own! In the event that they can’t then the content will be available to more people. Having a movie afternoon or event of this kind will bring together more discussion and value from the content!

  • Is there an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers?

    The live panels are an excellent opportunity to ask questions. Please check the program to book the time in your diary! There will also be opportunities outside of the live panels to post questions of the plenary speakers. These may or may not be answered in real-time depending on the time zone of the speaker. Instructions for this will be made available during the conference.

  • Who is the founder of INSIGHT?

    The INSIGHT Summit is an initiative of PD Warrior a neuro-active exercise program for people living with early stage Parkinson’s disease. INSIGHT was created out of a desire to bring world class people together in an environment that everyone can access online; clinicians, researchers, influencers, academics, people living with Parkinson’s, carers and family members and health professionals. INSIGHT was created to help with collaboration, education and inspiration as we all work towards a better world supporting people with Parkinson’s today and in finding a cure for tomorrow.