Shake It Up Australia Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2011 and in partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) promotes and funds Parkinson’s disease research in Australia aimed at better treatments and ultimately a cure.

The foundation was established by Clyde Campbell, a father of three and business owner who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009 at the age of 44. Clyde set out to find out as much as he could about the disease and determine what he could do in a practical sense to assist. His search led him to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in the United States and the remarkable work they do to fund medical research targeted at finding better treatments on the path to a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

The approach MJFF take to assessing, funding and project managing world’s best research all over the globe eliminates redundancy, ensures efficiency and unites the global community in the quest to find a cure. Clyde realised that funding Parkinson’s research in partnership with MJFF was the best thing that he could do to help himself, his family and the 80,000 other Australians living with the disease. With that clear in his mind Clyde founded Shake It Up Australia Foundation (SIUAF) to give other Australians the opportunity to join his quest.



Clyde Campbell was diagnosed at the age of 44 with Parkinson’s disease. Originally from northern New South Wales, Clyde lives now with his wife and three children in Sydney, Australia.

Twenty-eight years ago Clyde started out as an electrical apprentice in country NSW.  He then started his own company in 1987, Machinery Automation & Robotics which grew to 70 staff servicing Australian and international clients with high-tech automation and robotic solutions from offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. His vision for technology was the driving force behind his rapid progression from apprentice to CEO. Clyde is a man who likes to ‘get things done’.

In January 2015 the company was sold to Scott Technology and trades under the name of Scott Automation & Robotics.   Clyde was appointed as the Regional Director for Australia and continues to drive the vision and direction for the company, including identifying and developing emerging markets.

Clyde was diagnosed in 2009, after noticing a tremor in his left hand holding notes when presenting at a company meeting.  The question Clyde asks himself is one that more than 80,000 Australians with Parkinson’s have no doubt asked: “Why me?”

After coming to terms with his prognosis, Clyde set out to learn as much as possible about Parkinson’s and what was being done worldwide to find a cure.

Clyde has an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for the future. He decided not to sit back and wait for the rest of the world to find a cure but to join the action. Clyde launched Shake it up Foundation Australia, to increase awareness in Australia and increase funding towards finding a cure.

Australia has some of the world’s leading scientists specialising in Parkinson’s. What Australia needs now is financial assistance to accelerate this research. Clyde’s vision in establishing Shake It Up Australia Foundation has created an opportunity for everyone in Australia to make a difference.