Your 2019 INSIGHT Speakers
Prof. Bastiaan Bloem – Netherlands
Consultant neurologist & Scientific Advisor to the Michael J Fox Foundation. Speaker at Parkinson’s Eve
Dr. Terry Ellis – USA
Assistant Professor; Director of the Center for Neurorehabilitation at Boston University
Dr. Maria Baretto – India
Co-Chair World Parkinson's Congress, CEO PMDS India
Dr. Maria De Leon, MD – USA
Neurologist & Author
Dr. Ray Dorsey – USA
Professor of Neurology
Dr. Natalie Allen – Australia
Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Dr. Simon Lewis – Australia
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg – USA
Digital & Social Media Specialist
Dr. Samantha Holden – USA
Clinical and research neurologist
Dr. Matthew Brodie – Australia
Senior Research Officer, NHMRC EC Fellow
Dr. Rajvi Mehta – India
Practitioner and teacher of Iyengar Yoga
Dr. Anuka Parapuram – Australia
Rehabilitation Specialist
Dr. Emma Lane – UK
Pharmacologist & Researcher
Dr. Loren Mowszowski – Australia
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Dr. Rebecca Gilbert – USA
Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, American Parkinson Disease Association
Dr. Courtney Walton – Australia
Provisional Psychologist & Researcher
Dr. Annette Hand – UK
Dr/Associate Professor
Dr. Beckie Port – UK
Research Communications Manager at Parkinson’s UK
Dr. Soania Mathur – Canada
Retired Family Physician & Advocate Living with Young Onset PD.
Dr. Stephen Lord – Australia
Professor Neuroscience Research Australia
Dr. Laurie Mischley – USA
Naturopathic Physician & Nutritional Neuro-Epidemiologist
Jimmy Choi – USA
Parkinson's Exercise Advocate
Melissa McConaghy – Australia
INSIGHT Summit & PD Warrior Founder,Specialist Neurological PhysioINSIGHT Summit & PD Warrior Founder,Specialist Neurological Physio
Matt Eagles – UK
Positivity activist & Head of Patient Engagement at HAVAS LYNX
Emma Lawton – UK
Author, TEDX Speaker, Vlogger & Advisory Board Member Bansen Labs
Matthew Sacheli – Canada
PhD Candidate University of British Columbia
Alexander Reed – Italy
President of European Parkinson Therapy Centre (ETPC)
Omotola Thomas – UK
Founder of ParkinStand & Co-Captain of #UNITED
Dominic Graham – UK
EPDA Operations Director
Elisabeth Ildal – Denmark
Founder Cure4Parkinson & Co-Captain of #UNITED
Matthew Holt – USA
Founder, The Health Care Blog
Benjamin Stecher – Canada
Independent patient academic and industry advisor
Josefa Maria Malta Domingos – Netherlands
Specialist Parkinson Physiotherapist
Geri Baumblatt, MA – USA
Carers, Patients & Nurses Specialist
Dr. Antony Cooper – Australia
Head, Neuroscience Division Senior Research Fellow - Garvan
Kate Stone Matheson – Australia
Speakers and Ambassadors Manager at Beyond Blue
Erin Smith – USA
Founder, Creator of FacePrint - Digital PD Diagnosis
Lee Aase – USA
Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network
Sarah Thompson
Board Certified Music Therapist
Tim Blake
Managing Director, Semantic Consulting
Kim Hawkins
Erica DeMarch – USA
Physical Therapist, Founder and CEO of Step and Connect and inventor of Balance Matters®
Professor Dominic Rowe, AM – Australia
Professor of Neurology Macquarie University
Sue Williams – Australia
Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association Movemetn Disorder Chapter Chair
Diane Cook – USA
Founder and Author, PD SELF
Rebekah Stewart – USA
Board-Certified Music Therapist
Gaynor Edwards – UK
Founder of Spotlight YOPD
Aleksandra Podlewska – UK
Research Coordinator
Vilborg Jónsdóttir
DJ at Radio Parkies , Chairman of The Icelandic Parkinson’s Disease Association and Daughter of Solidarity
Diane Utatao CAHRI
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist/ Career Transition Coach
  • We are incredibly excited to announce the FIRST KEY NOTE SPEAKER!
  • Diagnosed with PD aged 7, Matt Eagles is a lover of sport, poet, London 2012 official #Olympics football photographer, traveller to Africa & Asia, heading up the global project called #ParkyLife, Head of Patient Engagement or Advocacy at Havas Lynx who is the World Heathcare Agency of the Year, helper of all, highly successful experience with Deep Brain Stimulation surgery & is now patient ambassador for Medtronic UK, one of the first people to have an MRI, treated by pioneers in PD, speaker at WIRED Health, Founders Forum, Financial Times of London Live Health Summit Europe, 2nd Speech & Swallowing School for Parkinson’s, AIMed Europe & Chair of #IMPatient, the first ever patient curated & led section at a commercial pharma conference at EYEFORPHARMA Patient Summit Europe .
  • Over the last few years & through his relationship with Parkinson’s UK, Matt has been interviewed in major UK media ITV Daybreak, BBC News, BBC Radio, Sky News, The Independent & The Mirror.